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As the largest global refiner, the majority of our refining capacity is integrated with our lubricants and/or chemical businesses. ExxonMobil’s Lubricants organization drives the efficient development and deployment of global best-practices and new technologies.
We manufacture and distribute products derived from crude oil and other feedstocks. Our global network of manufacturing plants, transportation systems and distribution centers provides fuels, lubricants and other high-value products to customers.
We are the world’s leading supplier of lubricant basestocks and the largest global marketer of finished lubricants. Supported by a highly trained field force, a strong distributor network and abundant supply, ExxonMobil delivers high-quality products and application expertise to customers around the world.
We also create long-term value by selling high-quality products and services daily to millions of customers across the globe. We market our products to millions of customers worldwide through Esso, Exxon and Mobil-branded, as well as global business-to-business segments —Industrial Lubricants, Aviation Lubricants and Marine Lubricants.

Klüber Lubrication
Speciality lubricants for initial fill are at the core of our business. We offer our customers expert tribological solutions by supplying tailor-made speciality lubricants directly to customers in almost all branches of industry and regional markets. Our customers include producers of components, modules, machines and systems as well as companies using this equipment for their own production or processing activities.
Klüber Lubrication offers approximately 2,000 different speciality lubricants, many of them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. With competent and customer-oriented consulting and wide-ranging services, our employees have established the excellent reputation of Klüber Lubrication as a partner to industry and trade.
With more than 90 years of experience, ample expertise in the industry, numerous certifications, some 150 research and development engineers and other technical specialists as well as high-performance testing facilities, we are one of the leading speciality lubricants suppliers worldwide.
Klüber Lubrication was founded by Theodor Klüber in Munich in 1929, and to this day our headquarters is located there. Our 2,340 employees, however, work for our customers in more than 30 countries. 1,220 of them are sales specialists, working in close contact with customers to develop ideas for new, even more efficient and eco-friendly speciality lubricants.

Kyodo Yushi
Kyodo Yushi is the leading Japanese grease manufacturer with an annual production of 32.000 tons in Japan. As a grease specialist, Kyodo Yushi is obviously well aware of the growing demand of its customers. As a result, Kyodo Yushi is continuously strengthening its development capabilities and improving its product quality in order to meet and possibly outperform the expectations of car manufacturers and component suppliers worldwide. Years of experience in this domain and state-of-the-art testing, research and development capabilities ensure Kyodo Yushi is best prepared to meet the challenges of this fast growing and highly demanding industry. Kyodo Yushi is committed to resolving issues where friction and wear exist. Where friction occurs, you will find Kyodo Yushi products. Kyodo Yushi is a recognized leader in the grease and lubrication industry, we put all our energies and efforts into providing solutions for our customers.

Gear Oils, Open Gear Oils, Gears – Specialised/Non-Standard
We provide a broad selection of both mineral and synthetic gear oils, covering the requirements of everything from standard industrial to the most severe applications, including wind turbines. These products have been designed to operate in a wide variety of gear types.
CHAIN OILS Our high-performance chain lubricants are designed to suit difficult environmental conditions such as high temperatures, dusty environments, wet and corrosive applications and E-coat processes or cathodic electrodeposition applications. LubeCon brand of Castrol is the leader of high performance chain lubricants, custom application equipment, and dedicated services for industrial machinery and conveyor systems.
HYDRAULIC OILS Large range of hydraulic oils meeting industry wide specifications and manufacturers specifications such as DIN 51524, ISO 6743, Denison, Eaton, Bosch Rexroth. Range covers wide ranging needs including biodegradability, high viscosity index, anti-wear properties and protection against rust and oxidation.
FIRE RESISTANT HYDRAULIC FLUIDS Fire resistant hydraulic fluids range including Water Glycol (HFC) types – providing good antiwear performance demonstrated by low pump wear rates and excellent fire resistance properties. Ester (Polyol and Phosphate – HFD) for applications requiring a high degree of wear protection and good fire resistance and emulsion type (HFA) offering the highest fire protection.
SLIDEWAY LUBRICANTS Our slideway lubricants are formulated to provide excellent lubricity, preventing stick-slip of slideways, as well as good load carrying capacity, which reduces wear of highly loaded slideways. Includes grades with demulsification and cutting fluid compatibility, these products can be used in the presence of water or water based metalworking fluids.
 CIRCULATING OILS For a variety of applications such as the lubrication of bearings, spindles and, using the heavier viscosity grades, moderately loaded gearboxes. Also includes grades designed specifically to satisfy the critical lubrication requirements of major rolling mill manufacturers and those grades used in paper manufacturing.
COMPRESSOR OILS Products designed for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, ranging from small single units to very large capacity, multi-stage configurations. Depending on the application, fluid selection can be based on mineral or synthetic fluids, and for standard or high performing criteria.
SPINDLE OILS Our spindle oils are highly effective in lubricating spindle bearings, protecting them from tribological processes and wear that cause machine failures. The key objective is to enable the spindle to rotate with minimum vibration, deflection, wear and temperature increase.
FOOD GRADE OILS Castrol Food Grade Lubricants are H1 Food Grade approved, do not contain natural products derived from animals or genetically modified organisms (GMO), suitable for use where vegetarian and ‘nut-free’ food is prepared and are approved and endorsed by a large number of OEMs. Depending on the grade they are also Halal and Kosher approved.
BIODEGRADABLE OILS Castrol has a range of biodegradable oils based on Natural and Synthetic Esters for applications including gears, chains, hydraulics and slideways
 SPECIALITY - AVIATION/ VACUUM/SEMI-CONDUCTOR The Castrol Aviation Speciality Product range covers an array of applications such as corrosion preventives, greases, hydraulic fluids, turbine oils and calibration fluids. Certain grades have been used in many manned and unmanned missions in earth orbit, as well as missions to the Moon and to Mars. Castrol has also developed product solutions for use in ultra-clean environments such as semiconductor, disk drive, instrumentation/electrical goods, aerospace and medical industries.
GAS ENGINE OILS Advanced gas engine oil range designed to extend oil change intervals, exhibiting excellent oxidation and thermal resistance reducing carbon formation, varnishing and corrosion. Approved by major OEMS with many hours of running experience.
 TURBINE OILS Range of oils for steam and gas turbines conforming to industrial specifications as well applications involving Ammonia compressors. TRANSFORMER OILS Transformer, switchgear and circuit breaker oils which conform to the international specification IEC 60296:03. STREAM RECIPROCATING OILS For lubrication of steam engine cylinders, valves and cylinder lubrication in reciprocating type gas compressors.
HEAT TRANSFER OILS Range of oils for enclosed heat transfer systems with high thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and low volatility for systems requiring mineral, synthetic or food grade based oils.
REFRIGERATION OILS Range of refrigeration oils for systems running on R22 or Ammonia. As well as for domestic refrigerators and systems based on screw type compressors.
CONCRETE MOULD OILS Low viscosity concrete mould release agents giving concrete a smooth, clean and nonporous surface. ROCK DRILL OILS Rock Drill range for mining, quarrying, constructions, roadworks, tunneling and excavations, with high film strength, reduced friction and the ability to absorb excess water when ‘wet air’ or wet drilling attachments are present.
WIRE ROPE OILS Wire rope lubricant with excellent wetting and penetration to rope inner surfaces with exceptional coverage and protection to outer surfaces. Used mainly in mining on dragline hoist and drag ropes, shovel hoist and crowd ropes, winder and guide suspension cables and crane hoist ropes.
PROCESS OILS AND MISCELLANEOUS LUBRICANTS Diverse range of oils for rubber processing, fibreglass production and calibration/storage of diesel fuel injectors. Also for various miscellaneous applications such as sugar dissolving, emulsifiable knitting oils, electrical contacts and relubrication/cleaning of PTFE greases.
MULTI-PURPOSE HIGH PERFORMANCE Multi-purpose High Performance greases have gained an excellent track record in many industries and in the most severe applications, bringing you increased security and peace of mind. These products offer a number of key advantages over conventional ones, including excellent load carrying ability, friction reduction characteristics, mechanical stability and oxidation/thermal resistance.
MULTI-PURPOSE Multi-purpose range of greases provide reliable performance for a wide variety of applications. The MP range is designed for use in plain and rolling element bearings and exhibits good mechanical stability, adhesion, water resistance, corrosion resistance and wear protection for good all-round performance.
HIGH TEMPERATURE High temperature greases have been designed for the most severe conditions. They are thermally stable, providing long re-lubrication intervals at maximum operational reliability. These greases have outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion protection, resistance to water washout, wear protection and mechanical stability.
LOW TEMPERATURE Low temperature greases include several products for subfreezing and arctic conditions which may be encountered at construction, mining sites, on oil drilling platforms and products used for On-Car lubrications.
 OPEN GEAR GREASES Castrol’s open gear greases are available for lubrication of non enclosed gears. The open gear greases are designed to meet the operational conditions of the gear drives. The range utilizes technologies suited for the Type 1 (reversing) and Type 2 (nonreversing) categories of gear drives. Castrol uses both a semidry working film (metallic soap) technology as well as a semi-fluid gel (non-soap) technology to provide you the best protection for your capital investment.
ON-CAR AND CVJ GREASES Castrol’s lubrication expertise and extensive testing and laboratory capabilities allow us to provide high performance, high quality lubricants for on-car components manufacturing industry. Products are designed for critical sealedfor-life components like door hinges, door latches, pedal units, electronic seat adjusters and window lifters. In addition we have, in collaboration with various OEM’s designed a range of greases to meet the tough requirements of constant velocity joints.
SPECIALITY - AVIATION/ VACUUM/SEMI-CONDUCTOR Castrol perfluoro polyether (PFPE) based greases have been used in the vacuum environment for many years. Our PFPE greases have been successfully used in many manned and unmanned missions in earth orbit, as well as missions to the Moon and to Mars. Castrol has developed a line of low outgassing and low-volatility lubricants for semi-conductor customers. Castrol’s PFPE greases are ideal for vacuum, cleanroom and reactive chemical (e.g. oxygen) environments and applications.Castrol brings you a comprehensive range of world-class lubricants and product support services to meet the demands of the Aviation industry. Castrol is proud to bring its reputation for highperformance to the commercial aviation, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) industries.
FOOD GRADES Castrol Food Grade Greases Lubricants are H1 Food Grade approved, do not contain natural products derived from animals or genetically modified organisms (GMO), suitable for use where vegetarian and ‘nut-free’ food is prepared and are approved and endorsed by a large number of OEMs. Depending on the grade they are also Halal and Kosher approved.
BIODEGRADABLE GREASES Castrol has designed greases that are biodegradable and used in bearings as well as flange and switch plate greases.
WALKING CAM, WIRE ROPE GREASES AND OTHERS Castrol also provides products specially made for Wire Rope applications as well as greases designed specifically to lubricate the Walking Cam mechanisms in draglines. Also available are special dry film lubricants.